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Russell has been working at International Furniture for about a year now and his biggest challenge has been trying to meet customers expectations. Overall, he finds his role to be quite easy, with the best elements being that he gets to meet and converse with customers and make sales. He considers his strengths to be communication with customers, listening and his general people skills. He also enjoys the friendly working environment and the ability to spend time working with people he considers friends.

He has always worked in retail management and spent some time working for a national retailer before quitting his job to go traveling. This travelling saw him living for some time in the Costa Del Sol and working for an on-line company. This enabled him to earn money whilst also enjoying the sunshine. When it came time to settle, he returned to Andover and joined the team.

Continuing the theme of global jet-setter, Russel does enjoy a good holiday. His best being a visit to Turkey where he was able to luxuriate in sun, sea and an incredible cuisine. Back home in Andover, Russel is proud to have his own flat with his “amazing king size bed that I got here, it’s so comfortable”.

His ambition is to one day successfully manage his own business enterprise and retire by the time he is fifty. When pressed, he declined to detail what this business would be and declined to mention how far away from fifty years old he is. To be honest Russell is not all that old, so the question of advising his younger self isn’t very practical. However, he would advise his younger self to “be more confident” as he feels young people can hold themselves back by being unsure about themselves. This strikes us as being good advice to anybody.

On the subject of weaknesses, Russel finds people being rude difficult to accept and deal with. He feels that good manners cost nothing while bad manners seem to tire everybody involved. So why should you seek out Russel when at International Furniture in Andover? He reiterates his willingness to listen. There is no point him trying to sell what he wants, but through listening he can hopefully assist the customer in buying what they want.

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