Understanding the different types of sofas and options for your home isn’t that complex, but getting information on the various sofa options can sometimes be a challenge.

Luckily, we are here to help you with our ultimate guide to sofa types. If you have any further questions about the different types of sofas and the options available, do get in touch with us. Our dedicated furniture shop team will be happy to assist you.

Small corner sofas and large corner sofas

Corner sofas are perfect for increasing the space in your room while still having a good-sized sofa. Small corner sofas (sometimes called corner settees) are great for smaller rooms where space is a premium. Whereas large corner sofas make an impressive addition to a large space making it a cosy area for seating as well as providing you the added comfort of being able to put your feet up easily or lie down in a more horizontal position.

Some corner sofas are modular, making them flexible and better adapted to your needs, and to the room. You can, for example, have a left or a right-sided version depending on which corner you want the sofa to go in, and where your TV, door and windows are positioned in the room.

2-seater sofas

Our great range of 2-seater sofas are stylish and very comfortable. Their size allows them to be positioned in different areas of the room and, if you have the space, you can also have two 2-seater sofas giving a calm symmetry to the living room instead of just one 3-seater sofa.

2-seater sofas are available in a range of materials including soft fabric, vegan leather and leather. 2-seater sofas also come in a variation of sizes as well as styles including sofas with an upright position or a more laid-back reclined position, high backed sofas with head rests and arm rests or contemporary style with low backs and no arm rests.

2-seater reclining sofas are also available as reclining sofas.

3-seater sofas

3-seater sofas are also available in various styles and designs and they are great for larger families and for smaller skids who want to sit together as well as having friend over and entertaining as there’s more space for everyone to sit.

3-seater settees are more suited to larger rooms where there is space to have a 3-seater sofa and possibly an extra armchair or two.

Both 2 and 3-seater sofas are available in furniture stores in styles such as Chesterfield, Camelback, Tuxedo, Cabriole and English.

Types of sofas to buy

Here’s a quick overview of some different sofa styles:

  • Tuxedo Sofas: The tuxedo-style sofa has a more retro look thanks to the fact that the arms and the back are one continuous piece.
  • Chesterfield Sofas: The Chesterfield is one of the most renowned designs. The large roll-shaped arms are the same height as the back and the main feature of this vintage sofa style is its full-body tufting.
  • Camelback Sofas: The key characteristic of the camelback sofa is the curved design of its back that resembles the hump of a camel. Although the camelback style originates from the 18-century, it remains a popular choice today.
  • Cabriole Sofas: This style was highly fashionable in the 1700s and is popular today, thanks to its carved wooden frame and matching curved legs. The cabriole typically comes in linen or cotton.
  • English Sofas: The English sofa has a deep seat, tight back and cushioning and rolled arms. A stylish design that’s often found in London townhouses although it can add style to any home.

Reclining sofas

If you are looking for a more laid-back relaxed style then reclining sofas are perfect. Reclining sofas allow you to put your feet up without any effort – lovely!. They are great for relaxing and for improving your blood circulation, but they do take up extra space when you take into account the space that’s needed for the sofa seats to recline.

They also tend to command a premium in terms of the price, but totally worth the investment.

Cuddle Chairs

Another style that’s worth considering is the Cuddler Sofa. The relatively new styled cuddle sofas or cuddle chairs are great for couples and are designed for a more relaxed atmosphere and style in the room. Great for large spaces or placed under a bay window too!

Sofa beds

Sofa beds have a dual function as they double up as a sleeping space for friends or relatives that might be staying the night. Single sofa beds and double sofas beds tend to be more popular in apartments as well as in secondary rooms such as a family room or playroom, rather than in the main lounge. Sofa beds are still very comfortable and highly practical, but their choice of materials and designs are more limited due to their functionality.

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